It’s a great experience to sample delicious food, wine, and drinks. Amsterdam covers all the bases. Mercat is one of the most popular restaurants that you can find in Amsterdam. It is known to radiate an atmosphere of a Spanish market. The city is home to about 180 nationalities, so you can expect a great gastronomic variety. Below are some of the best restaurants in Amsterdam.


Chairs Enter the Bazaar to discover a world of food. High ceilings are a feature of this former church. It’s also full of character, color, and beauty. The restaurant serves North African and Turkish cuisine. You can choose from one of the daily specials or the main menu. In the Albert Cuypstraat restaurant, you can enjoy a fresh mint tea and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Albert Cuypmarkt. If you want to dine at the restaurant, you should book a table well in advance. It is usually very crowded and popular.

De Italiaan

De Italiaan will help you unleash your inner Italian. You will immediately feel at home in this cozy environment. You can prepare a traditional pizza in the wood-fired oven or you can indulge in other Italian creations such as pasta and antipasti. Enjoy your lunch or dinner with a glass, bottle or shot of Italian wine. Your dining experience will have you saying, “Delicious! Magnifico!” (Delicious and magnificent). The evening is complemented by friendly service. You will want to come back again.

De Kas

Chairs Restaurant de Kas is a restaurant in Frankendael Park that serves the freshest food. Gert Jan Hageman, founder, and owner of Restaurant de Kas, helps the cooks and wait staff gather edible herbs, vegetables, and flowers every morning at dawn. The restaurant uses its own greenhouse and garden to gather ingredients. This area is located in the family’s backyard. A field can also be used for some of the ingredients.

De Kas can buy other foods from farmers and vendors, including dairy, meat, and fish if the ingredient cannot be grown on his farm. Enjoy a meal in the restaurant or on the terrace. Or sit at the chef’s table and watch the magic unfold in the kitchen. The delicious dishes will delight you however you enjoy them.

D’Vijff Vlieghen

Enjoy a delicious dining experience at d’Vijff Vlieghen. d’Vijff Vlieghen offers not only a wide selection of food and wine but also a piece of history. You will be surprised at the variety of dishes you will find here. There are scallops, veal tartare, and grilled sea bass, to name just two main dishes.

The restaurant’s name has two origins: Vijff, referring to the number and location of the houses, and Vlieghen (flies), after Jan Janszoon’s nickname in 1627. Be sure to check out the unique character of each room. The Rembrandt Room, for example, has four Rembrandt engravings. The Gentlemen’s Room contains knightly utensils on all the tables, as well as Delft blue tiles.

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