Benefits of Coffee

Coffee lovers possess an unusual striking vitality and hyper-focused approach in their work. This enticing beverage is not only potent and efficient but foremost healthy for the human body. In the progressive world today, the need for a highly active brain can never be over-emphasized. Coffee minimizes the risk of certain diseases and stimulates the functioning of the brain making you smart. Enhancement in the form of coffee has lead to improvements in its function, and you can benefit from not just the antioxidants properties of coffee but also from the nutrients and stimulant aspects of coffee.

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Benefits of Coffee

Reduces risk of Diseases

hjdhjd74According to studies coffee drinkers have a 23% or up to 50% reduced the danger of getting the dangerous disease type 2 Diabetes. Coffee also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia diseases. The Alzheimer disease which has currently not yet found a cure can be prevented by drinking coffee. Coffee has been incredibly effective in lowering the risk of getting the disease with a rate of up to 65%. Furthermore, coffee reduces the risk of Parkison’s disease.

Just like Alzheimer’s, this disease, unfortunately, has no known cure. Its primary cause is dopamine-generating neurons dying in the brain. It lowers the risk of some cancers- Coffee reduces the risk of getting colorectal cancer and liver cancer which take position 3 and four as the leading cancer deaths cause in the world. According to studies, coffee can reduce the risk of liver cancer by an incredible 40% rate.

Improves Energy Levels and Make You Smarter

The stimulant caffeine found in coffee enhances the functioning of the brain. It is first absorbed in the blood then transferred into the brain where it plays a significant role in inhibiting Adenosine. Adenosine is harmful in that it inhibits the functioning of other neurotransmitters. This leads to proper functioning of neurons in the body translating to improved brain performance regarding memory, cognitive function, vigilance, mood and high energy levels. Moreover, coffee enhances physical performance. Caffeine properties in coffee boost Adrenaline amount in the blood. This hormone prepares the body for intense action leading to improvements in performance.

Protects the Liver

The liver plays crucial roles in the body but is, unfortunately, prone to diseases like fatty liver and hepatitis leading to cirrhosis. In cirrhosis, the larger part of the liver is replaced by scar tissue lowering its performance. Studies have fortunately shown that coffee reduces the rate of cirrhosis by 60%.

Burns fat

According to studies caffeine is effective in burning fats in the body and also improving the metabolic rate. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system to send fat breaking signals to fat cells. These fatty acids are transformed into useful energy.


Essential nutrients

Helpful nutrients in coffee include Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid and Riboflavin.

Fights Depression

Coffee promotes mental performance by fighting depression. According to studies drinking coffee significantly lowers the risk of developing depression and suicide. Also, a brain free of depression has higher performance rates.


How to have the best coffee experience

Coffee is an aromatic beverage that can be made in many different ways and that is enjoyed by millions of people every single day around the world. Coffee has been brewed and consumed for hundreds upon hundreds of years, and over time it has manifested into many different forms. Whenever you happen to be feeling down and fatigued, and you want to get out of your sleepy mode, then all you need to do is to perk yourself.

The joys of drinking coffee you can take heart from the fact that there is perhaps no better option when it comes to staying fresh and energetic than consuming a cup of coffee and it is also a great beverage to help you watch ongoing sporting events as well as movies.

The following illustrates how to have the best coffee experience.

Have the right equipment

dhgd674To have a worthwhile coffee experience, you need to have a right coffee maker. The best part about coffee and the joys of drinking it is that modern coffee makers are not only readily available but their costs have come down, and so you can save money by not having to buy your coffee from a coffee shop. Also at the same time not have to pay too much to make the coffee at your home. This gives you flexibility and saves you time that would otherwise have been spent in queueing in a coffee shop.

Type of coffee

Identify the type of coffee you prefer. Different people have different tastes when coffee is involved. Be it espresso coffee, cappuccino, cafe latte, decaf or even cold coffee. You may find that you like one type of coffee more than the others. Identifying your type will go a long way in ensuring that your experience is pleasant.

Quantity consumed

Drinking coffee is one of the many joys life has to offer. But it can also be harmful especially when taken in bulk. You should check yourself and ensure that you don’t go too far and harm yourself. To have a wholesome experience, limit yourself to a daily dose that will sustain you and do not overconsume for it may lead to serious medical complications.


hgdhgd64Coffee has many health benefits such as reduced risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, better brain function and reduced risk of gout among others. This gives you a kind of assurance that when you take coffee, your health is improved thus giving you a good experience.