Dangers Of Technology To Teens

Technology is one of the key drivers in the modern world lifestyle. Despite the abundant benefits of the global technology advancement, it has brought with it numerous inescapable iniquities. Some of the various technological advancements visible in the current generation include and are not limited to the advancement of communication systems. This comprising the rise of social media, introduction and large-scale production of computers and computer based games and software among many others.

Negative effects of technology

Poor lifestyles

4refxtghjToday, most teens have embraced poor lifestyles. The majority of teens spend a good part of their quality time indoors either on social media or glued on their computer screens. The old culture of physical exercise, play, and adventures has been engulfed by the introduction of the Internet. “Why go for a physical game while you can game while you can game on-line the whole day without any strenuous physical exercise?”

Adult content

Excessive usage of the Internet, the social media, and constant computer based gaming are the most significant concerns endangering teenagers today. The modern parents have been rendered helpless in taking care of their teenage children. Some of the imagery most teen views on the Internet is too much for their stage of development. Currently, it is not a big deal for most television companies to air adult rated content on television before children sleep time. In the past, this was considered a social evil.


Today, in the advent of the Internet and the rise in internment nudity, most people find it normal watching this immorality. Nearly every teenager currently owns a phone which can access the Internet. This makes it hard to control their addiction to the net. In some countries, most teenagers have been lured into social evil through the Internet.

In most schools and institutions, the use of mobile phones has been curtailed. Despite this, it is still reported that a good number of students have been drastically dropping in grades on reaching the teenage level. Parents have been complaining about their teen children spending most of their time on social media after school.

Sharing nudes

c3erdftygThese include picture exchanging phone based applications like Snapchat and Instagram among many others. The picture sharing Application has been a major hunting ground for most sex predators. Most teens have been lured into exchanging their private pictures with unknown strangers who at times end up blackmailing them into other evils. This has been the leading cause of teenage depression. Today most hospitals have been handling numerous teenage psychosis cases, and most of it is as a result of misuse of social medias, Internet and fantasy computer games among many other causes which are technology related.